November 14, 2009

presidential fun fact #6

James Madison was both our shortest and lightest President. At 5'4 and 100 pounds, he was a little bit shorter and slighter than Victoria Beckham (h/t


  1. Good info, I'm compiling a bracket of all the presidents for a hypothetical Mortal Kombat style tournament and Madison's seed is pretty hurt by this. Any thoughts on #1 seeds? Jackson and Teddy of course, but who else?

  2. Great question. Taft was a very large man who needed a special bathtub made for him when he moved into the White House. He would be a threat, just as Earthquake was always hanging around at the end of the Royal Rumble. If you're looking for a sleeper candidate, I would recommend Gerry Ford. He played two-ways at Michigan (with the most distinction at center), and is the only President to have ever tackled a Heisman Trophy winner (Jay Berwanger).

  3. Tyler Durden: OK, any historic figure.
    Narrator: I'd fight Ghandi.
    Tyler Durden: Good answer.
    Narrator: How bout you?
    Tyler Durden: Lincoln
    Narrator: Lincoln?
    Tyler Durden: Big guy, big reach. Skinny guys fight till they're burger

  4. You did not mention Madison's tragic death, which occurred when his wife threw him in a sink and turned on the tap