January 03, 2010

the fellowship of the revolution

Before I totally say goodbye to the founding fathers, which I am obviously sad to do, I thought I'd share something I've used to occupy my mind on the commute lately.

The Founding Fathers as played by The Fellowship of the Ring
or vice versa

Bilbo Baggins : Benjamin Franklin
about half a generation up from the other guys. already a legend on his own merits. given in his old age to silliness and ribaldry, which is tolerated because he's earned the right to sit on his laurels, but soulful and wise when it counts.

Gandalf : one of the Greek philosophers who the fathers are always quoting
dave has a crush on a girl who could tell us which one

Aragorn : George Washington
courageous military commander who is reserved and wise beyond his years in everyday life. a leader whom men line up to follow.

Legolas : Thomas Jefferson
understated, pithy, seems above it all. intimidatingly perceptive and detached.

Boromir : Alexander Hamilton
a soldier, and somewhat likeable, but ultimately treacherous. is killed.

The Hobbits : John Adams
chronically underestimated because of their size, appetite, and capacity for merriment. when relied upon, will go anywhere and stop at nothing to succeed. approachable and well loved.

The Dwarf : i have no idea!
this one's been puzzling me. at first i thought john adams, because of his gruffness and unlikely bond with jefferson, but he's too optimistic and helpful to be the dwarf. maybe john marshall, just because he deserves to be on the docket. i don't know, and dave's never read or seen lord of the rings, so this one may be left up in the air.


  1. I would nominate Madison as the hobbits (for stature plus centrism to the story), and switch adams to gimli, mainly because of the reasons you give, which i think override the optimism. plus, gimli was quite helpful, just as helpful as jefferson for sure.

  2. but madison was reserved and cerebral to a fault. and making john adams the dwarf would just buy into a 250-year-old national habit of shrugging him off.

    maybe we should just make madison the dwarf. he was short, and he was best friends with jefferson. and he didn't like anybody.

  3. Hmm, good point about Madison as Gimli, although he and Jefferson lacked the original rivalry, and I don't think making Adams the dwarf is shrugging him off - the dwarfs are a proud people! Maybe make Adams Frodo and put the other Bostonians as the hobbits? Hancock and Sam Adams as Pippin and Merry (don't know enough about personalities, but I'm trying here), and Abigail as Samwise?

    Also, this would give another reason that Franklin would fit as Bilbo - he started off in Boston before leaving on his grand adventure.

    If I'm expanding to Sam Adams and Hancock, I'd love to get Revere in there. Come to think of it, he'd be a pretty good dwarf, given the metalworking...