April 13, 2010

mad anthony

some would say harrison's big break was "Mad Anthony" Wayne, the commander of president washington's indian fighting army who took a liking to WHH and promoted him a few times. he figures prominently in the beginning of the WHH bio, and shaped much of the future president's young life.

dave currently lives in fort wayne, the city named for this crazy general, which includes an historic fort you can visit.

why dave hasn't yet visited this fort, in service of his blog, is beyond me.


  1. It is worth noting that 'Fort Wayne' is not at it's original location. I'm sure the reason David has not visited it is because he knows the real location is now occupied by a water filtration plant.

  2. Thanks, Eric. I have been to Mad Anthony's, a brewery. Also to Johnny Appleseed's burial place. Turns out he was real.

  3. Will you be reviewing the brewery?