February 02, 2011

a few fun facts about franklin (pierce)

He remains the only president to come from New Hampshire. (If you don't count Jed Bartlet.)

He is the only president whose cabinet remained the same for his entire administration.

His vice president died after a few weeks in office, and was never replaced. The Senate majority leader was next in the succession line for the majority of his administration.

He was a long-time friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne, whom he appointed to a lucrative customs post.


  1. i am doing a speech on franklin pierce, so thank you for posting these facts!!!!!!

  2. also, if you have any more facts, please post them by tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!

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  4. Pierce was the first president to put a Christmas Tree in the White House.

    While serving as President, Franklin Pierce was arrested for running over a woman with his horse.

    Pierce had two nicknames Handsome Frank, due to his looks and Young Hickory of the Granite Hills due to the strong support of Andrew Jackson (old hickory)

    Franklin Pierce is the only President to have said "I promise" instead of "I swear" at his Inauguration

    Pierce installed the first central-heating system in the White House

    Pierce was the first president born in the 19th century

    Pierce is an ancestor of former President George W. Bush. Bush's mother, Barbara Pierce Bush, is the fourth cousin, four times removed to Franklin Pierce.