June 17, 2013

presidential facts #24 & #25

In 1870, Theodore Roosevelt, 11, met John Hay, 32, a colleague of his father's. Thirty-one years later, the latter would become his Secretary of State.

Theodore Roosevelt started a lifetime practice of weight lifting at the age of 12. A year later he started boxing as well because he was getting bullied.

[Side note: the presidential facts are going to start coming fast and heavy because TR's life is nothing if not a long string of interesting facts.]


  1. "The loss to science!" is my fave lil' Teddy quote.

  2. Are you reading all three books? I'm in the middle of number two (Theodore Rex) It's a lot of freaking pages to read if you're doing all three, but well worth it.

  3. Why are the presidential facts no longer coming fast and heavy?